Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!
Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!

Wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone delivered to your doorstep

Andrew borg

To all french wine lovers out there, we have got a treat for you. 

For those who have no heard about Winebox Inc., we are a premium wine subscription service in Malta who deliver handpicked to people’s home on a monthly basis. 

Whether it is choosing wine at a supermarket or on a wine-list at a restaurant, choosing wine is overwhelming for most. Majority of the time people end up either getting the same bottle of wine over and over, or experiment with new wines and sometimes are left disappointed.

Our mission at Winebox Inc is to solve that problem, let us do all the research and you can enjoy four bottles of premium hand picked wine, packaged in a box and with information on what food to pair it with.

This month, the wine theme is French wine from Bordeaux, Beaujolais and Burgundy so you’re all in for a treat. Here are some of the wines to be delivered:

Chablis AOC

Chabli is the a region within the north of Burgundy, and very close to the Champagne region. Chabli produces dry white wines made from Chardonnay, and is known for being fresh and vibrant with aromas of green apples, lemon zest and spring flowers.

This wine can be enjoyed all year round and is an excellent pairing with oysters, mussels and goat cheese.


Beautiful Gold colour and bursting with flavour, Pouilly-Fuisse is also produced in the region of Burgundy. This wine’s flavours include hazelnuts, grapefruit and lemon aromas and is best paired with cured meat.

Chateau Timberlay Bordeaux Superiore AOC

You can’t speak about french wine without speaking about Bordeaux. It is the largest wine producing region in France, who spent large amounts of history being the world leader in Wine.

This is a clear, bright wine with aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant and strawberry with some spicy overtones. Ideal food pairing for this wine would be deer, veal and poultry.

Chateau Bois Pertuis - Bordeaux AOC (2014)

Another wine from Bordeaux, this one with a bright garnet colour with ruby tints. This has a complex mixture, offering cherry, pepper and vanilla scents which come together beautifully. 

Just like the Chateau Timberlay, this wine is best paired with deer, veal and poultry.


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