Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!
Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!

Winebox Inc. launches it’s first wine tasting event, and it’s like no other!

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The event is to be held on 7th September, at Del Borgo in Birgu. This is a wine bar & cafe which is formed within a 16th Century Wine Cellar to further enforce Maltese culture in the event. 

The place, which used to be the cellar of the Prince of Wales' Own band club, was once a centuries-old palace.

our original idea was to open a place with a Maltese character both in the ambience and the food offered and then give the whole thing a contemporary and international flair - says Alan Mercieca Bons, owner of Del Borgo 


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Winebox Inc. is a premium wine subscription service that launched in July and now will be having their first wine tasting event to start pushing their own wine concepts, starting with a unique experience to push local wine.

''The vision of the company is to create a radically new and disruptive way of selling wine through great user experience, from events to purchasing wine to be delivered right to your doorstep.'' - Andrew Borg Costanzi, Co-Founder

Run by two wine enthusiasts, they have carefully tested and chosen their favorite wines from Malta and Gozo and now want to push local produce through an interactive experience, so get ready! The main goal for this event is to have a good time and is not your typical wine tasting event  with challenges and games throughout.

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What wine will we be serving? Line-Up here

The event is 2 hours, starting at 5pm - Tickets available here

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