Wine Festivals in Malta: Sarah Prepares for Her First.

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Being in Malta for around two months, Sarah started to be familiar with the sorroundings of the country and then it hit her, what about wine festivals in Malta?

As you know by now, Sarah Currant is an enthusiast of wines and she wanted to be part of it in Malta just like she was in France.

Due to the time she took  to settle in Malta, she realized that she already missed one belter of a wine festival in Malta last weekend, and she didn’t want to do the same for the Marsovin Wine Festival

Needless to say how she finds out about the Marsovin Wine Festival considering it’s two weeks away and then there is the obvious reason of being shown in advertisements and billboards everywhere!

In this article, we will be writing to you why she should be looking for this wine festival and not to forget, prepare the fancy dress!

About Marsovin…

With Marsovin Wine Festival being the most popular wine festivals in Malta, it hit Sarah a question, Who is Marsovin?

She found out that it was founded by Wine Merchant Anthony Cassar in 1919 which was against all odds that time due to the competitive nature of the industry.

However, together with his brother George, they pushed their own wine to create what would be known later in that generation as one of the finest producers in Europe.

During the 1930s Marsovin growth was incredible however, not without any hard days. In fact, George was left by Anthony to create his own initiative in Anthony Cassar & Son.

This didn’t stop George to invest more just before World War II started, which proved to be the best decision later on.

Fast forward to 1956 where Marsovin turned to a family-run company to improve the quality of wine in Malta. That was followed by planting the first winery in Malta in the 70’s for cabernet sauvignon

This year’s Marsovin wine festival has the most hype around wine festivals in malta due to it being the 100th Century of it’s foundation.

Now run by Jeremy Cassar, it will be interesting to find out what Marsovin will provide to the industry.

About Marsovin Wine Festival

Knowing who Marsovin are, Sarah took much more interest in their Wine Festival and looked for information. Like previous years, the annual wine festival in Malta will be held in Hasting Gardens, Valletta.

The date is set next weekend from 12th to 14th July and is surely going to be a blast due to it being the 100 year anniversary of Marsovin.

Usually, the Marsovil Wine Festive includes most of the things that you expect to find in other wine festivals in Malta. From DOK and IGT quality and certified wines to live scenes

The Gardens will be revitalised and brought alive during this night. This event uses a token system where you choose your favourite wine and make sure there is no wastage

The festival will also include other food stalls and caterers with food that matches perfectly to the taste of your wine.

Price? It’s just 20 Euro per person which can be paid by the entrance and you also get a premium wine glass.

Other Wine Festivals in Malta this Summer 2019

Being a wine enthusiast and adventurer, Sarah wanted to know if there were other big wine festivals in Malta during 2019.

And here is what she found. The Delicata Wine Festival. A competitor of Marsovin, Delicata holds an annual festival, one in Malta and another in Gozo.

More on the Delicata Wine Festival later on!

Final Words

As Sarah Currant prepares for an enthusiastic night under the Hasting Gardens, Wine Festivals in Malta are a platform for magical nights.

Whether you are going with a partner or friends, you are set for a wonderful night. It will get you prepared for the Winebox Inc. Wine Events in Malta.

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