Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!
Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!

Veni..Vidi..VINO - Winebox Inc throw a wine party !

Luca arrigo

Greetings Wine enthusiasts, 

We recently organised our first event to showcase our personal favorite wines from around the Maltese islands. We picked our fair share of D.O.K wines but also some particular boutique bottles that do not fall under the usual 'top 10 Maltese wines'.  💁


We're here to shake things up


We won't listen to the grapevine and will be making our own decisions on what's hot and what's not. 

You may at this point be thinking WOW this wine blogger is more entitled than my millennial daughter. You're right! I'm born on the cusp of the generation Y/Millennial boundary. Which means I'm old enough to drink but young enough to think creatively with a twist of innovation. 

Ok - enough B.S lets get down to business 


Meet Massimo Manzo or as I like to call him Massimo De Manzo (sounds more like a vineyard this way) 

massimo manzo chophouse sommelier

Massimo is our in-house sommelier. Fueled by Italian passion which I believe keeps him standing straight after 7 glasses of wine.

La famiglia è tutto.. Massimo brought along his sister 😍 a talented guitarist with a voice from heaven to keep us company throughout the night. 


guitar wine tasting

There she is sitting in the middle :)

As you can see the attendees of Winebox Inc events are all beautiful human beings with an appetite for good wine, food, laughter and HAPPINESS😄

1. Starting off the night with a classic interpretation of the popular Vermentino grape by the astoundingly brilliant Tal-Massar winery. 

2. We cracked open the pricey Markus Divinus white. Part of a limited production of only 300 bottles, if you were there.. you know that we experienced an exclusive taste of Malta 

 wine tasting spread

3. Next up came the Tal Massar Rose' made from the Sangiovese grape..some might say I'm a little biased to this winery..and they are absolutely correct!! This is the first glass of wine that gave me an aroma of BANANA. Unique, yes I know. Pairing notes? A hot summer day and your toes in the pool. 

4. Then we moved our palate back to Markus Divinus with his extraordinary Red. This modern variation of locally grown grapes hits the spot for the seasoned wine drinker. With peppery notes and verging on the complex. 



5. The well known Cheval Franc picked from that Vineyard located in St. Pauls Bay. You know the one, its on the way to Ghajn Tuffieha. Its name Cheval Franc is very frenchesque and once you give this bottle a twirl, sniff and taste you'll know why! 

Its important to note that by this point we've drank 5 glasses of wine and nobody was spitting. So yes we were tipsy on the verge of drunk and began discussing the effects of alcohol like some kind of medieval medical experiment led by an Italian whilst being fed scrumptious meats and cheese. 


6. After a long discussion on what it means to be organic and why it is better or preferred by some people we delved into the marketing merits of selling organic wine to a niche market. The Marnisi is truly a work of art and unlike most art, its really tasty. 

7. The grand finale'! Ole' ! A sweet one for a sweet tooth. We're actually so inebriated by this point that only the strongest flavors would come through and boy oh boy Delicata deliver! (so do we, subscribe to our monthly box and find out) 








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