Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!
Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!

Need an awesome gift for a wine loving friend?

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We created a first of its kind interactive virtual wine tasting experience that anyone can enjoy in the comfort of their home. This is a user friendly and friction less experience that is perfect for in home entertaining and educating. 

Using technology you already have in your home we’re bringing our novel experience directly to you. All you need is an internet connection… and our wine of course. 


This is a perfect opportunity to entertain friends and family in your home, while enjoying an educational experience and some world class wines.


When you sign up you get everything you need sent to you. The wines come packaged in a beautiful display box and are shipped to you.


Along with the beautiful display box and your wines, you’ll receive advice on what to pair and eat with your wines. 

This is a fantastic way to spend an evening entertaining your inner circle of wine loving friends.

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 We spoke with Chef PB for food pairing advice

Edward Pace Bonello has been trained for two years at a Gordon Ramsey-owned restaurant in London and now is Chef de Partie at Michelin star restaurant in Valletta 🌟 Chef PB studied at Le Cordon Bleu London

We spoke to him last night after he tried our wine tasting experience at home. 

Here's what Chef PB had to say about Food Pairing and Virtual Wine Tasting:


For the whites you can enjoy Snacks and Dishes. 


muscat french white winenotes on food pairing guide for wineboxinc virtual wine tasting


Ch de la bot Muscadet

Snack: Blue cheese and crackers (highly recommended if you like blue cheese)


Mussels w/ shallots, spring onions, chili, garlic, white wine finished with parsley Or Seabass carpaccio w/red and green chili,radish, pickled onions and lemon zest and olive oil🐟

Bordeaux Blanc

Snack: Baked brie with rosemary🧀


Goats cheese salad w/rucola, beetroots, pine nuts, finished with balsamic vinegar Or Grilled chicken breast w/ asparagus, sweet potato puree and sauteed mushrooms🥗


For the reds it is advised to pair with rich and full foods with strong flavours.


Bordeaux Rogue

Dish: Ribeye strak, bearnaise sauce, potato dauphinoise, grilled cherry tomatoes Or Lamb Racks with parsley crust w/ courgette ribbons, spinach puree and roasted pumpkin🥩

Cotes du Rhones

Dish: Roasted Lamb leg w/mashed potatoes, carrots and mint sauce Or Duck breast w/cous cous, lime, coriander and yoghurt dressing, chickpeas and sauteed spinach🍖

I asked some personal questions to the popular Chef who has earned experience working in Michelin restaurants from a young age. 


The first we tried was the Muscadet, its citrus-y, I liked it. More acidic than the Bordeaux Blanc. Loved pairing it with crackers and blue cheese. 

The Bordeaux red, its like something you never tasted before. It would go perfect with a dish of meat 100%. Definitely needs a sauce and fat in the food.  



#1 Have you ever experienced wine tasting at home ?


To be honest this was the first time i had a wine tasting at home 


#2 We tried 4 wines, which was your favourite ?

Its quite difficult to choose my favourite wine because I'm trying to pick between the Muscadet and the bordeaux red, but i think its the Muscadet which is my favourite because I'm a white lover. Even though the red really intrigued me. 


#3 Who did you taste the wines with ? was it a bonding experience ?

hehe how sweet you are! Yes, it was a great bonding experience and I tasted the wines with my girlfriend and her mother. 



Order a Winebox to your door for the wine tasting by clicking on the ticket link and let's enjoy it together. We hope to read your comments and interesting thoughts during the show 💭

1 ticket = wine tasting for 4 people (or 2 adventurous wine lovers) in the safety of your home.

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