Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!
Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!

Discover the wine that suits your taste

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Want to discover the wine that suits you?



Let Winebox Inc. chose the wine that suits your food preferences instantly, and deliver to your home every month with ideal food pairing notes!

Wait, what is Winebox inc.?

Winebox Inc. is a premium wine subscription service that promises to be your personal wine partner, handpicking and delivering wine based on your palate.

It was founded by two wine students who have partnered up with Massimo Manzo, an Italian sommelier from Milan and Aaron Rizzo, one of the leading wine experts on the island to use local wine expertise and make it accessible to everyone's benefit. 

Why did Winebox Inc. begin?

We started Winebox Inc. exactly a year ago to solve this problem that most wine lovers have.

Whether choosing wine at your preferred wine store or choosing off a wine-list at a restaurant, choosing wine is overwhelming for most. This results in the same wine being chosen over and over or a new wine that doesn't meet your expectation.

This is why Winebox Inc. has been invented, we discover your food preferences through our scientific quiz and this lets us chose the wines for you. 

What do I get if I had to subscribe to Winebox Inc.?

We deliver 4 handpicked bottles of wine to your home every month, all approved by our in-house sommelier.

Once we deliver the wines, you receive them with food pairing notes per wine so you can enjoy the wine along the cuisine that the winemaker intended. We aim to showcase Viniculture and make it available to everyone.

Can I find out what what wine suits my palate now?

Find out your wine type now through our quiz! Let us find new bottles for you every month, while getting back the ones you love.

Take our scientific quiz here.




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