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Use discount code 'First Winebox' for 50% off first month of subscription!

Discover the South African Flavour - August WineBox

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Hi Wine Lovers,

Welcome to Africa!

wine and wildlife

The historic land has been home to human-kind for thousands of years. Where there are humans, there is Wine! The pioneers for the wine industry in South Africa first produced the nectar way back in the 17th Century by explorers from the Dutch East India Trading Company. 

The awe inspiring landscape attracted expert french wine makers to the region who began producing high quality grapes, the wines from South Africa soon garnered a reputation for quality across Europe.

By the 1900’s changes in policy and politics resulted in over supply and a focus on quantity rather than quality. This led to a phenomenon which became referred to as the ‘Wine Lake’  where wine was discarded in lakes and rivers. In 1994 when Apartheid ended and the sanctions on South African export was lifted, boutique wineries and wine sellers bounced up all over South Africa and the focus of winemaking in South Africa changed from producing high quantity to producing excellent quality. 

International consumers bought up everything they could get their hands on after South Africa has been isolated for so many years.

ASARA Winery & Estate

Asara is very close to the False Bay coast and geology on the estate is typical of the southern Cape coastal region, with soils that are millions of years old, sandstone mountains, granite intrusions and patches of shale.

Two soil types are predominant on the estate - Oakleaf and Tukulu. These soils are closely related, both are derived from ancient granites that have decomposed, and are characteristically well-drained and fertile with high clay content and good water retention. Vines on these soils tend to perform consistently over the seasons, and the soils provide a solid foundation for production of high quality grapes of the noble varieties

Bell Tower (Bordeaux Blend) - Speciality Range 

Elegant whiffs of blueberry fruit with some charred notes, and classic pencil shavings on the nose. A fruit-sweet entry of fresh red berries, dark berries, and lightly perceptible oak. An elegant, rounded wine, with lingering back pallet.

Cape Fusion (Pinotage/Malbec/Shiraz) - Vineyard Collection

A fresh profusion of raspberry, mocha and dark berry show on the nose. Ripe red fruits persevere on the finish; a sweetly lingering ending contributed by Malbec.

Chenin Blanc - Vineyard Collection

Aromas of apricot, tangy nectarines and fresh straw. Prominent melon, lightly toasted almonds on the palate, with well-balanced acidity and a full, round mouth-feel.

Chardonnay (lightly wooded) - Vineyard Collection

White pear and citrus on the nose with hints of white peach aromas and subtle toast. A fresh-fruit entry and full mid palate of cream and buttered toast. Peach and lime zest linger, classic and mouth-watering.

Asara has been WIETA certified since 2014.

The Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association (WIETA) is a multi-stakeholder, non-profit voluntary organisation which actively promotes ethical trade in the wine industry through training, technical assessment, audits and a code of good practice.

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